Active Media Services, Inc. dba Active International ("Active") provides travel through its fully staffed travel department. We have over 25 years of travel experience, and service holders of our Trade Credit with an in house reservation center and experienced meetings and events team. As a corporate trading company, we enter into trading arrangements with hotel owners, brands and partnership groups, cruise lines and other travel providers to provide travel services on a trading basis to our Trade Credit holders. Trade Credit issued by Active to our clients and suppliers can be utilized in connection with the purchase of such travel services.

Currently, we offer selected hotels, resorts, and cruise lines to our corporate clients that can be purchased in cash and Trade Credit in accordance with the terms of their respective trading agreements with Active. Generally, Trade Credits can be used to pay 25% of the amounts payable to Active on this Site.

For our media and certain other suppliers, we offer requested travel services, including, hotels, resorts, cruises, airfare and other travel services, that can be purchased and paid for partially or entirely with their Trade Credit at agreed upon rates and ratios in accordance with the terms and conditions of their respective trading agreements with Active.

Active is an employee-owned company (ESOP) with approximately $1 billion in gross trading volume. Active was founded in 1984 and has offices in 11 countries. For more information please visit us at